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This animation entitled "Sensory Overload" by Miguel Jiron gives the viewer a glimpse into sensory overload, and how often our senosry experiences intertwine in everyday life. 

The National Autistic Society of the UK created this commercial to draw awareness to the issue of sensory overload in people with autism.  It is titled "Sensory Overload."

Carly Fleissmann is a young woman with autism.  This piece was created by 20/20 and it describes how Carly appeared cut off from the rest of the world and was considered to have very low intelligence.  But, her family eventually realized that she is an intelligent and engaged person.  Carly has a fascinating story.  

Cross-Modal Perception

From the TED stage and on the TED Radio Hour Neil Harbisson discusses how he hears color.

What's it Like to Hear Color - TED Radio Hour with Guy Raz

Cymatic Music

This video demonstrates how different frequencies of vibration move in different patterns and have different physical manifestations.  This clip was uploaded by Brusspup Illusions and Science.  

John Telfer is a musician living in London.  Here he discusses his project on cymatic music.  Mr. Telfer provides a very clear explanation of cymatic music.

In cymatic music people vibrate surfaces such as metal plates or membranes.  Then, small particles or liquid is placed on the surface.  This demonstrates the patterns of the vibrations. Interestingly, radiation from the Big Bang has touched every human who has ever existed and that radiation still exists. Consequently, all people who have ever existed have experiened similar patterns of vibration.  

Multisensory Music

The Deaf Professional Arts Network was founded to make music and music culture – the predominant shared language and experience of people worldwide – universally accessible by extending its reach to the Deaf and hard of hearing. 

This video was created  by John Varney for TED-Ed.  First of all, it discusses how the components of music exist throughout the world in various senses.  Secondly, it discusses alternative ways of representing rhythm.  The point is that the way people represent rhythm influences how they conceptualize it.  

Dr. Frank Russo is the director of the Science of Music, Auditory Research and Technology (SMART) Lab at Ryerson University.  In this TED talk Dr. Russo discusses a chair that he and his colleagues devoloped that uses vibrotactile stimulation to bring music to deaf individuals. 

Multisensory Cognition

This is the story of Emilie Gossiaux who is a blind visual artist.  She uses a vibrating piece of metal placed on her tongue to give her impressions of visual stimuli in her environment.  This article helps demonstrate that it does not matter which sense conveys a particular stimuls to the brain.  Regardless of which sense conveys the information to the brain the brain is stimulated similarly.

Seeing in Tongues - Jad Abumrad - Radio Lab
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Music Cognition