Favorite Quotes

"Very few societies have a concept (and a term) parallel to the European 'music'." 

Bruno Nettl

"The worlds in which different societies live are distinct worlds, not merely the same world with different labels attached."

Edward Sapir

"Humans have innate cross-modal correspondences."

Peter Walker

"Social injustice rather than internal impairment causes disability.”

Steven Kapp

"To a greater or lesser extent, every domain of sensory experience, from the sight of a work of art to the scent of perfume to the savor of dinner is a field of cultural elaboration."

David Howes

"I smell like I sound."

Duran Duran

"Our culture creates understanding, telling us what we see and feel and taste and sense.”  

Paul Kennedy

"Many arrows, loosed several way, fly to one mark…"

William Shakespeare